Hi Tech Labels Company is located in Chennai, INDIA as a privately held corporation. Flexography as a method of printing was still in its infancy as compared with today and pressure sensitive labels were coming of age. Increasingly seen in food and beverage applications, pressure sensitive (PS) labels were taking manufacturing by storm. PS labels and their respective high-speed applicators allowed for multiple different labels to be applied using one machine without multiple lengthy setups. Commercial manufacturers did not want to be left behind their competitors and quickly invested in this technology.

Hi Tech Labels was created to meet the need of the large manufacturing area of Tamilnadu, INDIA. Within a few years, the Company facility became well known for producing high quality labels throughout Tamil Nadu.

We live in a world ruled by the market place. Where countless brands desperately vie for the fleeting attention of consumers. And in this world of consumerism, there is no asset more valuable to a brand than its identity. Or in other words, its label. Labels have today become a symbol – of attitude, success and status. It imparts value to a brand, determines the brand’s image and gives it a recognizable face. If there is one thing that a brand can never compromise upon, it is the label. And this of course, is where we come in.

The dream that was Hi Tech Labels, saw its first steps towards realisation in the year 2007. That was when threw open our doors for the first time. We are equipped with 6 colour neil peter GLS 2000 UV coating Flexo machine Shiki letter press 3 colour machine, 4 colour RK machine. Our capabilities are to world standards with facility to convert labels on any material on automatic printing machines with accurate precision and excellent print quality.

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